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Pictures below are samples of the documents that will help you navigate documents and plan your next move. Please avoid editing the document, simply download it to your device for your own personal use.

Retirement Planner

Date Planner

Don't know your dates? Download this excel to use as a tool to account for all the various dates and timelines. Schedule an appointment to go over and review your planner with one of our team members.

Within this excel the color coding is: Orange is Leave. Red is terminal. Blue is Skillbridge.

Retirement Timeline CC Brief CAO 12Jan.pptx


This is a great tool that has been praised and adopted as the standard for coaches and commanders. This snapshot is an excellent tool to build & present to your supervisor, SEL or commander so they are informed on your plan. If they're informed, they are more apt to help you through your transition.

2-Yr Out Retirement Map.pptx

2 Year Planner

This is a baseline product used by many SF Groups for their transitioning members.

Act Now Transitioning Plan Checklist.pdf

Your Out-Processing Checklist

Where do I start?

This document is a great tool to print off and have on hand so that you can track your progress and maybe trigger areas that you haven't even thought about.