You Decide what is Right for You

Do your RESEARCH and find out as much about a future employer, future location, future career move. Below are great research tools that will help you get to know the company. Don't forget to look the company up on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and IG. These social media sites will give you an insight into what the company values, and even some insight into their political/social beliefs.

There is also something fair market salary so don't let a company undersell you on what you're worth. Your soft skills are incredibly competitive when matched up against someone who lacks the operational background and experience of dealing with people. Don't confuse this with military operational experience, nobody really cares how much ordnance you've dropped, they care how you integrate with their team and their mission.

Want to know what a project manager makes? Or how about if the wage/salary offered is what you should be getting based on your credentials? This website will let you research salaries based on national averages and give you leverage when negotiating your compensation.


Want a DEOCs survey for a company. Glassdoor let's employees anonymously report on their company and provide pros/cons about the organization. Approach this research with objectiveness and understand that this is opinion based information. Nevertheless, it gives you some insight into the company what what the employees say about the organization.


AI is the greatest craze for companies using technology as a gatekeeper to landing that job that you want. This site offers a way for you to compare your resume to job listings and see how much of a match you are to what they are looking for. There are 5 free reviews so use them wisely. The goal is to get to 70% match.