Build your Kit so that you're ready to Operate in the Private Sector

Have you ever had to explain to family and friends what you actually do for the Air Force? Unless they are closely connected to what we do, usually the response is met with smiles, head nods and glassed over response leaving you feel like you're an MQT student trying to complete a Talk-On.

The below links are just a start of items that are free to you and help you truly capture and understand who you are and how that translates into the private sector.

Salute 2 Suit

Do you want to stop looking like you just graduated high school? Or dress like an adult? Salute 2 Suit offers custom-tailored suits at the fraction of the cost.

Salute 2 Suit was created exclusively and solely for our active-duty military and veterans to empower and educate them through their wardrobes.

Portraits for Patriots

No one wants to see your super HUAH military profile on your LinkedIn. Portraits for Patriots' mission is to capture you in such a way that you catch a glimpse of who you are outside the uniform. Schedule your free ($400 value) photoshoot. Spouses can too!


LinkedIn is the professional's networking tool and with this social media platform less is more. Classes are offered in "The Honor Foundation" but you can also sign up for other FREE tutorials. 1 year of LinkedIn premium is offered to all military members and their spouses. Click the logo for more details.


The USO offers tons of classes, connections, and resources that will help your transition run smoothly. Click the logo to the left of this to sign up for a LinkedIn Master Class.


Join thousands of Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses in setting up free 1-hr mentorship phone calls with successful professionals. We’re the only Veteran Mentorship Platform to let you choose your own mentors and as many as you would like; our average member selects 4 mentors, and some mentees have 25+ mentors! Create a free profile at Veterati to get unlimited access to thousands of volunteer mentors: CEOs, recruiters, entrepreneurs, managers, Veterans & civilians alike.

Vets to PM

Have you ever planned a CAS trip? Did you allocate funds, plan the schedule, develop a plan, and coordinate with outside agencies? Well then, you are executing project management and can easily slide into the role of a Project Manager! This Skillbridge organization is DoD approved and will serve as your skill bridge host as you connect with other private sector companies. They will support you in getting your certifications and eventually Job Placement.

DOD Skillbridge

Looking for your next career step after your military Service? Are you within 180 days of release from Active Duty? Discover opportunities to participate in training and development with industry and employers who are seeking the high-quality skills that you bring to the table.


A resumé is a targeted snapshot of why you are the best fit for that company. Be prepared to tweak this document based on the hiring requirements and other areas that are unique to the company that you are trying to work with.


Although there are companies that will take all of your EPR's, decorations, and other documents and create a baseline, you have access to countless organizations that will do that for free. Programs like "The Honor Foundation" and "Commit Foundation" incorporate resumé writing and review as part of their curriculum. Other organizations such as WWP and countless others will provide resumé reviews and coaching.

Boots 2 Business

Do you have the entrepreneurial bone? Sign up for this two (1/2) day seminar that introduces you to the basics of owning your own business. Follow on connections and training are offered following the completion of this course.

Global SOF Foundation

The Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation (GSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to build and grow an international network of military, government, commercial, and educational stakeholders.